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LKM Landscaping offers professional lawn fertilizing service to help you get the lawn you deserve! We know each lawn has different requirements to look its best, which is why we tailor our services specifically to each of our clients. Our lawn fertilizing service will help your lawn look lush and healthy, with no weeds in sight. Get your lawn ready for spring by scheduling service from LKM!

Lawn fertilization services

1. Spring Fertilizer Application: In addition to the fertilizer, we include broadleaf & crabgrass control to create a perimeter to stop new weeds from choking out your plants.


2. Late spring fertilizer: Our slow-release fertilizer improves the density and color of your lawn and protects your lawn from the summer heat.


3. Early summer: We shift to fight crabgrass with another slow-release fertilizer that promotes healthy roots and prepare the lawn for heat.


4. Grub control & summer upkeep: Our lawn fertilization service fights grubs, sod webworms, and aphids and removes them to ensure your grass has the best possible chance of surviving and remaining healthy.


5. Fall & Winter lawn preparation: We'll continue our grub control, pest control, and mosquito control efforts as fall starts, and more moisture is present. Before winter we apply a dormant fertilizer & a final application of weed control to keep your lawn healthy through winter.


Effective Lawn Fertilizer in Bloomington IL


Lawn fertilizer helps provide a healthy and dense yard that retains a deep green color and expels weeds. As each type of grass demands different amounts of lawn fertilizer to achieve peak growth and performance, lawn fertilizers also come in varying degrees of concentration and different ingredients to suit a specific type of grass. In this way, maintenance costs can be lowered, and the grass can grow more beautifully.


As a top provider of high-quality products and services, LKM Landscaping ensures the satisfaction of every client all the time. Allow us to help you with any of the following


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