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Proper Mowing Tips

May 2, 2020 @ 9:20 am by Josh Kaminski
Proper Mowing Tips

Proper Mowing Tips For You

With over 20 years of experience, LKM has professionally taken care of thousands of lawns ranging in size, type, and and location. However, maintaining your lawn properly is not a complex equation you have to solve. Below, we have shared with you 4 main points of mowing that you can follow to have a healthy and aesthetically looking property.  

Sharp vs. Dull Mower Blades

Dull blades cause your turf to be more susceptible to lawn diseases, water loss, lawn discoloration, grass being pulled up during mowing, or dying completely. You can easily check to see the sharpness of your mower blades. Simply look at your grass blades. If sharp, you should see a clean cut across. If dull, you will see a ripped and rigged white fibrous tissue on the top of the grass blade. A clean cut will help improve the health and look of your turf.

3-Point Turns

No matter what type of mower you have we highly recommend 3-point turns in all mowing scenarios. When tight turns are performed on turf, grass is ripped up from its roots. Overtime the more times done, especially in the same spot, the grass will die completely and be left with bare soil patched.  






Change Up The Pattern

By mowing the same way every week for an entire season, you imprint possible ruts over time. In result to changing up your mowing pattern weekly, you allow your turf/soil to recover. We reccomend having at least 2-3 different mowing patterns.




Edging Your Lawn

Overtime, any yard is in need of a clean cut. By edging your lawn around sidewalks, driveways, and occasionally your landscape beds, you bring a couple benefits to your property. Curb appeal is the number one benefit that edging enhances. Furthermore, by establishing a defined edge, you decrease the chance of weeds/grass from growing into landscape beds.

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